Custom-fit Orthotics for Better Posture

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At Chiropractic Injury & Pain Center in Cary, we provide customized orthotics to help recover posture and better alignment after an auto accident injury. After days or weeks of being immobile, a customized brace can help you get back on your feet. At our chiropractic office in Cary, our state-of-the-art equipment utilizes a 3-D digital scanner to specifically identify postural instability.

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To further enhance chiropractic treatment at Chiropractic Injury & Pain Center in Cary, our posture and spinal screenings can be an added bonus for any auto accident injury case in Cary. This screening process can help identify areas of the body that require specific attention to prepare you for life without an orthotic brace.

You don’t have to rely on inadequate orthotics by generic manufacturers. Now you can have one specifically made for you. Customized orthotics offer enhanced arch support for the feet, which works to help establish improved posture. Not just that, but customized orthotics at Chiropractic Injury & Pain Center in Cary can also make a tremendous difference in sports and jobs where a person is on their feet most of the day.

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